Susan Hobson

Motivate Your Brain!

Ever ask yourself "Why is getting motivated to make change so difficult?" "How come I can't STAY motivated for very long?" Or "How do I break free from these bad motivational habits?" 

Join me in this power-packed performance-enhancing workshop as I show you how to Motivate Your Brain. 

As a Peak Performance Coach, I work with everyone from professional athletes to busy, motivated professionals and entrepreneurs to adolescent teenagers struggling with self-esteem and self-confidence issues-believe it or not, it is all the same set of performance principles just in different arenas. 

In 30 mins, you will not only learn about motivation and how it works, but you will leave with top-notch performance-enhancing tools and strategies designed to drive your personal and professional performance results to the next level!

Susan Hobson is the real deal. She’s a Master Practitioner of NLP and a whiz at applying and developing NLP to challenge her own limits and give the very best to every coaching client and every person who hears her speak.

Susan`s clients rave that she has the innate ability to help you zone in on exactly what it is you want more of. She helps you uncover and defeat the stubborn obstacles and barriers that stand in your way. Susan excels at cutting to the chase and getting to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively, which is where many people get stuck on their own. Her continual guidance and support allows you to take risks you wouldn’t dare take on your own, or wouldn’t even think of taking in the first place.

“Having played hockey at the prep-school, NCAA D-1/IVY League, and N.W.H.L levels, I experienced first-hand the many pressures and challenges of performing at the top level and what it takes to not only get there, but stay and win there. My professional training as a mental performance specialist started at Princeton University, where I witnessed the most successful performers and performances I had ever seen in action. I became fascinated by the topic of success and studied Sociology and Psychology, with a focus on human behavior, to learn everything I could about the effect performance has on personal and professional levels of success. My fascination continued as I went back to school upon graduating, while playing in the National Women’s Hockey League for the Toronto Aeros, to earn 4 post-graduate degrees and certifications in: Professional Coaching (CLC), Group/Team Coaching (CLSC) Neuro-Lingusitic Programming Practitioner (NLPP) and Masters in NLP (MNLP).” 

~Coach Susan

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