Sumiko Shimo

Different Choice Points Across Cultures - Let's see what works

Almost everyone in business today works in some type of multicultural environment whether it be with coworkers, customer, suppliers, or visitors from different areas of the world. The key to success in cross-cultural business and in working with multinational team starts with gaining insights of cultural factors on the both sides of equation. Cultural factors could include: most favorably accepted values, what motivates or alternatively what discourages, and communication styles.

People see, interpret and judge things in different ways as they respond to their “Software of the mind,” shaped by cultures in which we grew up or work with.

The possibility of failing in cross-cultural business is higher than in domestic business because of the risk of cultural dilemma: we all tend to assume that our own culture’s standards are correct.

Liaison Synergy’s expertise can help you be successful across cultures through our consultation, training and coaching services.

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Sumiko Shimo completed her NLP practitioner certification in 2011. Sumiko is clever and fun and helpful and she sees all of the incongruence and possibilities when different cultures meet.

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