Obim Okongwu

The Search for Meaning

Obim tells his story, the trigger that led him on the journey to search for meaning.  He shares his experiences along the way, the discoveries, the challenges, the joys.  Those experiences have shaped who he is and how he is living today. He also shares his thoughts for the future.


During his practitioner training last winter, Obim proved himself a masterful storyteller. In a room full of people who love a good story, that’s the highest compliment we offer. 

Obim is an accomplished Risk Manager and Data Scientist within the Financial Service industry.  A few years ago, he began on an exciting journey on the search for meaning and life's purpose.  He is very curious and has a keen interest in human behavior, and seeks for everyone to be and believe in themselves.  An NLP Practitioner, he has given workshops at International, American, and Canadian conferences on stuttering.  An avid traveler and huge tennis fan.  He is very enthused about the future!

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