Michel Neray

The NLP of Story

From ancient Greek Myths to modern Hollywood, there is always a consistent underlying structure of every story. This structure mirrors the journey we are on as we grow, transform and become enlightened (hopefully) in our lives. If you are a life coach, it's also the journey your clients are on. And if you give presentations, it's journey you bring your audiences along for the ride. This session is led by Michel Neray, founder of momondays. In Michel’s session, you’ll learn:

  • The classic story ‘formula’ (that works for business case studies too!)
  • The two struggles that every story must communicate.
  • How 'resources' are the key to resolution.
  • Where humour fits in different parts of the story. 

Michel Neray, MBA, B.Sc, Master NLP Practitioner

Michel Neray is a great friend, advisor, storyteller, and coach. His search for ways to bring out the best in himself and others has led to great results for businesses and individuals. Now he’s helping hundreds of people across North America find a voice for the most important story of all.

Michel is the founder of momondays. For his ‘day job’, he is a professional speaker, M.C. and consultant who helps his clients dig down to their ‘Essential Message’. That’s the key to stronger branding, better sales, employee engagement, personal confidence… and world peace. He’s married with three children, two dogs, three snowboards, a whitewater canoe and a black belt in Karate. Get more Michel at www.neray.com.

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