Lorraine Thornhill

Create Your Desire One Small Step at a Time

Many of us base our beliefs on previous and/or current experiences either our own or what we see in others.  Over time this builds and becomes a block, getting in the way of our efforts to move forward, and not releasing us to work in our ultimate desired state.

When we recognize how unproductive these beliefs are, the blocks that have crept in due to fear, and the feeling of being overwhelmed by the daunting task, we put aside our desired state and stay in a path of similarity….

We lose our aptitude to dream, think big and channel old habits to become new behaviours.  Life continues with no directional change what so ever, and we continue to think that is the way it is supposed to be.

How we break the paved route and move onto the grass with bare feet is a matter of compounding small actions that create lasting and successful change.

When one seems daunted by the task, it can be broken down into controllable and attainable segments.  Creating your desire is a matter of belief, then moving the belief into action.  One small step at a time. 



Lorraine Thornhill is an NLP Master Practitioner and always a favourite whether she is speaking at Hope or helping a classmate through a choice point in the training room. Her range is wide enough to be grounded in horse sense and yet make you believe in angels.

Lorraine is a mentor and motivational lifestyle coach with leadership skills in self transformation and personal discovery with over 20 years experience both in the corporate and private sectors.  Working in her own practice and voluteering with the PAL-Care Network, Participation House Markham and other organizations, Lorraine has developed a true love of helping people.  Lorraine is a motivational speaker who empowers her clients to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER and develop success in their own lives. Helping her clients  to take control of their lives is important to Lorraine and she helps in creating the vision and outcome by developing and harnessing the strength within, keeping them focused and congruent on their outcome. 

Lorraine is an athlete and entrepreneur who understands the hard work that is involved in getting results.  She helps optimize thoughts into - clear intentions and positive behavior patterns. In turn, creating amazing results necessary to achieve continued success. Personal shifts that are achieved stay with you and enhance all aspects of your life taking the feeling viral... When your life is in order, it becomes infectious to the people and events around you and this in turn strengthens your ability to continue with passion in your chosen areas.  

Lorraine  is a Lifestyle and Transformational Coach; Certified as Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Consulting Hypnotist,  Author, Speaker,  Certified Member of Canadian Science for Exercise Physiology (CSEP-CPT), Bereavement and Palliative Counsellor. 

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