John Dafos

Being the Leader You Always Deserved

While a few of us were lucky to have one, many of us have desired having a mentor or a leader that saw in us what we didn't see. Who believed in us despite the facts to the contrary, despite popular belief and opinion.

 Can teaching middle school children be a template for leading small and large groups of people? It can when you lead and mentor in such a way that the people you work with and help steer symbolize what you desired most in a leader. When you see others as you wanted to be seen, when you believe in others what you wanted someone to believe in you, then the results can be astounding. 



John Dafos is a long-time practitioner and friend of NLP Canada Training who completed a Master Practitioner certification and has started work on a Trainer’s certification. He is a strongly positive presence in a training room: curious, brave and focused.

John’s presentation at the first HOPE was a story of student who found connection and possibility.  His 2011 presentation on Radical Self Acceptance has been a youtube hit. You’ll see why we are so glad to have him back this year.

A gifted educator, John inspires the busy minds of middle schoolers to explore big questions. He fosters a love of exploration, language and philosophy and he makes them laugh. 

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