James Perly

The Formula of Love

James Perly will deconstruct a working formula for love in ten minutes or less.

This talk will give you easy take-aways that can change your life right away, as well as some deeper concepts for further thought and discussion.

A bold statement and a message that has the potential to change everything.


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James completed his NLP practitioner certification more than 5 years ago. This is his fourth visit to the podium at HOPE and a sequel to his 2012 presentation on Love. 

James Perly is Senior Partner & President at Perly Fullerton. He founded the firm 10 years ago after identifying a need. He saw an industry largely dominated by accounting professionals and realized that it might be better served by an entrepreneurial approach which was based on understanding companies in their entirety.  James specializes in government stimulus support and best practices for innovation for the software, micro-electronics, engineering and manufacturing markets. ​Prior to this, James was President and owner of Perly's Maps, from 1997-2004, at which time he sold the company to Rand McNally Canada.

James is an active participant in many business and industry groups; including CATAA, Communitech, the Entrepreneurs Organization and is on the board of advisors for Profit Magazine. He spends much of his spare time mentoring young businesspeople, either as a guest speaker at leadership events, or as a mentor to early stage entrepreneurs.

NLP Canada Training Inc., Toronto, ON, 416-928-2394, www.nlpcanada.com