Evelyn Chau

How To Have those Sweaty Palmed Conversations and Smell Like Roses

A teacher once said sometimes all that stands between us and the kind of relationshipswe really want is a ten minute, sweaty-palmed conversation.

We explore the support we need to have those chats in an authentic and healthy way.

* A guided visualization for a real or imagined SPC.

* How Susan Cain’s book QUIET helped me discover my biggest goal. A true story.



Evelyn Chau became an NLP Practitioner in June 2014. She brings precision, sensitivity and a warm and lovely sense of possibility to her practice.

Evelyn Chau started her journey into visualization as a way of managing stress. Through working with yoga teachers and chi gong practitioners she learned about the power of the mind and how it works.

Over the years she developed her own methodology. She started using guided imagery, working with a group of young figure skaters.  She worked under the Granite Club of Toronto for a summer to help bring the team to peak form. One of them, a 14-year old Patrick Chan, is now a world champion and superstar.

Meridian Tapping adds greatly to the power of Guided Imagery. Using both, Evelyn began working with High-Performance athletes as a coach. Since then, she has helped young squash players overcome mental obstacles and one of them now holds the Canadian Junior title as well as winning the 2013 PanAm Games in Brazil.

Her formal education includes an Honours B.A. from Trinity College, University of Toronto; Co-Active Coaching (CTI) Fundamentals; Coaching Intensive with Adler International; Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training and “The Revolutionary Practice of Mind-Body Medicine” from the Harvard Medical School in Boston.

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