Cheri Mercado

Glass Half-empty, Half-full. Turning Life's Challenges to Celebrations.

  • Motivation - definition, self-awareness
  • Changing perspectives, changes the experience of reality. Finding the most useful perspective to channel motivation.
  • Practical suggestions on motivation.


Cheri Mercado completed her NLP Practitioner certification in the fall of 2013. She combines a clear-headed sensibility with laughter, warmth and a knack for making the people around her think a little better.

Cheri is a Corporate Account Manager for the US Division of Manulife Financial. Her passion for building relationships both in business and in life drives her to connect with people and foster mutual learning and growth. Cheri has lead and involved herself in numerous projects and organizational initiatives at Manulife Financial. As the project manager for the Internal Communications Portal, Cheri and her team made it possible to inculcate a culture of open-communication and workplace recognition. She has mentored professionally, volunteered, served in the community; and participated in the Leadership Program which all expanded her territory to make more impactful and lasting human connections.

Cheri is also the Manager of her household, a wife and parent of two teenage girls. More than any other achievements, raising children is one that she is most proud of.

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