Each of our speakers, from the entire training team to the final session leaders in the afternoon has trained as an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner at NLP Canada Training. 

The Main Floor Boardroom

Eirinn Boots, Exploring Your Impact

You know what you want. So, why is it that we so often abandon the pursuit of a goal only to re-set the same goal, still wanting the same thing? Explore the impact of your personal goal achievement on those around you, those you care about most, those who care the most about you. Work through the personal impact you will have on your network when you achieve your goals. Leave this conversation with a broader purpose and fuel for perseverance that stretches beyond your own motives.

John DafosBeing the Leader You Always Deserved

While a few of us were lucky to have one, many of us have desired having a mentor or a leader that saw in us what we didn't see. Who believed in us despite the facts to the contrary, despite popular belief and opinion. Can teaching middle school children be a template for leading small and large groups of people? It can when you lead and mentor in such a way that the people you work with and help steer symbolize what you desired most in a leader. When you see others as you wanted to be seen, when you believe in others what you wanted someone to believe in you, then the results can be astounding. 

Debra PickfieldThe Courage to Create: A Roadmap

Finding the courage to create means letting go of our fear of risk yet moving forward in confidence and with resilience. Join us as we explore a Courage to Create map that examines tensions to honour and respect as we move forward and create.

Susan Hobson, Motivate Your Brain!

Ever ask yourself "Why is getting motivated to make change so difficult?" "How come I can't STAY motivated for very long?" Or "How do I break free from these bad motivational habits?" Join me in this power-packed performance-enhancing workshop as I show you how to Motivate Your Brain. 

As a Peak Performance Coach, I work with everyone from professional athletes to busy, motivated professionals and entrepreneurs to adolescent teenagers struggling with self-esteem and self-confidence issues-believe it or not, it is all the same set of performance principles just in different arenas. In 30 mins, you will not only learn about motivation and how it works, but you will leave with top-notch performance-enhancing tools and strategies designed to drive your personal and professional performance results to the next level!

Michel Neray, The NLP of Story

From ancient Greek Myths to modern Hollywood, there is always a consistent underlying structure of every story. This structure mirrors the journey we are on as we grow, transform and become enlightened (hopefully) in our lives. If you are a life coach, it's also the journey your clients are on. And if you give presentations, it's journey you bring your audiences along for the ride. This session is led by Michel Neray, founder of momondays. In Michel’s session, you’ll learn:

  • The classic story ‘formula’ (that works for business case studies too!)
  • The two struggles that every story must communicate.
  • How 'resources' are the key to resolution.
  • Where humour fits in different parts of the story. 

The Seminar Room

Cheri MercadoGlass Half-empty, Half-full. Turning Life's Challenges to Celebrations.

  • Motivation - definition, self-awareness
  • Changing perspectives, changes the experience of reality. Finding the most useful perspective to channel motivation.
  • Practical suggestions on motivation.

Sumiko Shimo, Different Choice Points Across Cultures - Let's See What Works

Almost everyone in business today works in some type of multicultural environment whether it be with coworkers, customer, suppliers, or visitors from different areas of the world. The key to success in cross-cultural business and in working with multinational team starts with gaining insights of cultural factors on the both sides of equation. Cultural factors could include: most favorably accepted values, what motivates or alternatively what discourages, and communication styles.

People see, interpret and judge things in different ways as they respond to their “Software of the mind,” shaped by cultures in which we grew up or work with. The possibility of failing in cross-cultural business is higher than in domestic business because of the risk of cultural dilemma: we all tend to assume that our own culture’s standards are correct.

Willard BondCreating from Desire 

In the music world, you are either creating new tunes or you are singing in the past.  But what if your new ideas conform to old patterns?  Can that be good, will it be ignored, or is it excitingly retro?  Willard will be exploring the rules of musical creation in the broader context of general creativity, looking through his own toolbox to help you expand your own set of creative tools. 

Travis RamageExploring Lost - A New Approach to Goal Setting

Let's have fun sharing some stories of being lost on purpose while exploring new places or events. What resources would be useful when you're lost?  For example; How might having some goals provide you with a map, and what kind of goals give you a new sense of direction?

Brandy Sommer WoodYour Breakup Breakthrough

Do you want to go from breakup to breakthrough instead of having a breakdown? Use Neuro-linguistic programming to explore strengths and the skills to move forward to your breakthrough. Whether you breakup with your life partner,  short term relationship or just get laid off from a job you love, there is a way to create your own breakthrough.

The 2nd Floor Boardroom

Evelyn ChauHow To Have those Sweaty Palmed Conversations and Smell Like Roses

A teacher once said sometimes all that stands between us and the kind of relationshipswe really want is a ten minute, sweaty-palmed conversation. We explore the support we need to have those chats in an authentic and healthy way.

* A guided visualization for a real or imagined SPC.

* How Susan Cain’s book QUIET helped me discover my biggest goal. A true story.

Obim Okongwu, The Search for Meaning

Obim tells his story, the trigger that led him on the journey to search for meaning.  He shares his experiences along the way, the discoveries, the challenges, the joys.  Those experiences have shaped who he is and how he is living today. He also shares his thoughts for the future.

Lorraine Thornhill, Create Your Desire One Small Step at a Time

Many of us base our beliefs on previous and/or current experiences either our own or what we see in others.  Over time this builds and becomes a block, getting in the way of our efforts to move forward, and not releasing us to work in our ultimate desired state. When we recognize how unproductive these beliefs are, the blocks that have crept in due to fear, and the feeling of being overwhelmed by the daunting task, we put aside our desired state and stay in a path of similarity….

We lose our aptitude to dream, think big and channel old habits to become new behaviours.  Life continues with no directional change what so ever, and we continue to think that is the way it is supposed to be. How we break the paved route and move onto the grass with bare feet is a matter of compounding small actions that create lasting and successful change. When one seems daunted by the task, it can be broken down into controllable and attainable segments.  Creating your desire is a matter of belief, then moving the belief into action.  One small step at a time. 

Ron Vereggen, Your Job Search Strategy Sucks

What if you’re making all the wrong moves, damaging your own attitude, and slowing your own progress? If you think looking for a job sucks, you’re on the wrong track. Learn a more effective way to search for jobs that gets great results and builds your confidence and optimism. You’ll discover your superpower and uncover the network of connections who are already working to support your next opportunity.

Andrew Freund, Yes! And. . .

What if there was something out there that would help you get that thing you want but it stays outside the edges of your thinking and doing because someone said no or someone said "yes but . . . "

Using techniques from NLP and the number one rule of Improvisation, "say yes to everything", Andrew will show participants how saying an unconditional yes to a suggestion can widen frames, and open paths to fulfilling desires.

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