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Linda Ferguson and the team at NLP Canada Training work together to train and explore neuro-linguistic programming and continue its evolution through the development of new perspectives and practices. They work in seamless collaboration: all materials, products and programs have grown from the integration of their very different backgrounds, personalities and strengths.

Over time, we have also built a community of interesting people who are committed to learning, to getting things done, and to continued exploration of how changes in thinking lead to changes in achievement. Some members of the community work with us on projects or assist in courses. Others have integrated practices from our training into their work and their work with clients, staff or colleagues. This community gathers at NLPCT events and keeps track of each other by email, websites and other meetings.

The community fostered by NLPCT is growing. It is based on a firm commitment to systems that protect the integrity of individual members while exploring common ground and serving common goals. It is an intensely practical commitment: it results in opportunities and innovation that would be impossible without both diversity and teamwork.

We couldn't host the HOPE symposium without our most amazing Business Manager, Carole Luft.

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