Ron Vereggen

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Your Job Search Strategy Sucks

What if you’re making all the wrong moves, damaging your own attitude, and slowing your own progress? If you think looking for a job sucks, you’re on the wrong track. Learn a more effective way to search for jobs that gets great results and builds your confidence and optimism. 

You’ll discover your superpower and uncover the network of connections who are already working to support your next opportunity.

Ron Vereggen has been part of the NLP Canada Training community almost as long as Linda Ferguson has. He’s an expert at making things happen in large corporate settings who also loves to support change in individuals. He’s smart, strategic and from time to time, he’s really funny.

As a Training Partner at NLP Canada Training, Ron continually develops his skills in pursuit of mastery. Mastery means continually pushing for increased understanding and competence in every aspect of your life and work. Mastery means knowing  how to know what you want and what to do next.

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