Linda Ferguson, Ph.D.

Senior Partner, NLP Canada Training


Go with Desire!

Based on Living Your Purpose, Linda’s keynote will challenge you to explore desire as the air that high performers breathe. Beginning with her own fierce desire to understand how to create action through language, Linda will challenge you to explore your assumptions about what you want and value. She’ll show you that your head may be full of voices with opinions about what you should want, but your gut is full of the desire that drives your unconscious choices.

Linda Ferguson is the senior trainer at NLP Canada Training and the author of two books on the way what you think changes the quality of your life. For more than a decade, she has been one of Canada’s most innovative thinkers in the fields of NLP, language and learning. Her teaching engages and inspires: she believes the measure of teaching is not a score on an evaluation but the real change and success that her students achieve after working with her. She is one of the best listeners you’ll ever meet and she tells stories that fascinate and motivate.

As the Senior Partner at NLP Canada Training, Linda has developed innovations in the teaching of NLP that lead to accelerated and deeper learning. She reads and studies widely in fields that include business, psychology and language. She’s exceptionally good at building bridges between academic discovery and the applications people need to live more satisfying lives.

Linda’s books, Shiftwork (2012) and Living Your Purpose: The Heart of NLP (2014) are mesmerizing. When you need the wise counsel of a a trusted coach, you can open these books and find a passage that will guide you to the insight or action that will make a difference for you.

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