Andrew Freund

Yes! And . . .

What if there was something out there that would help you get that thing you want but it stays outside the edges of your thinking and doing because someone said no or someone said "yes but . . . "

Using techniques from NLP and the number one rule of Improvisation, "say yes to everything", Andrew will show participants how saying an unconditional yes to a suggestion can widen frames, and open paths to fulfilling desires.


Andrew Freund is a Training Partner at NLP Canada Training and the Managing Director at Argrestes Consulting. He has been doing NLP all his life, although he didn’t know it until he found NLP Canada Training. We value his precision, his willingness to go deep to get results, and his enthusiasm for making thought-provoking ideas into something tangible.

In his own words:

Over the last 20 years, I have gained a wide variety of knowledge, skills and experience in small and large organizations in across all sectors: private, public and not for profit.  Using these resources, I help individuals and organizations leverage their knowledge, skills and resources to help them achieve the success they want.

I'm originally from Calgary, Alberta.  I hold a BFA in Drama and BA in English from the University of Calgary and an MBA in Knowledge and Learning Management from Walden University.  Along with my passion for this work, I am active in community theatre and amateur sport. I was a member of the 1989 National Champion Calgary Colts in football and was awarded an Association of Community Theatres of Central Ontario Thea award for directing.

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