The NLP Canada Training Team

Keynote:  Dr. Linda Ferguson, Go with Desire!

Based on Living Your Purpose, Linda’s keynote will challenge you to explore desire as the air that high performers breathe. Beginning with her own fierce desire to understand how to create action through language, Linda will challenge you to explore your assumptions about what you want and value. She’ll show you that your head may be full of voices with opinions about what you should want, but your gut is full of the desire that drives your unconscious choices.

Workshop: The 3WHATS Model for Motivation

Linda Ferguson and the NLP Canada Training team lead you through a brilliantly simple and effective model for moving from idea to action. You’ll engage with the three stages of motivation and learn to embrace the attitudes that make the questions work best. Whether you are new to NLP or an experienced practitioner, this new framing will help you to make clear choices and real progress in motivating yourself and others.


In 2003, Linda Ferguson joined NLP Canada Training with a mission to communicate the understandings and techniques that NLP Canada Training was bringing to the field.  She was committed to building a community where long-term, supportive relationships would make a difference to people as they learned NLP, developed the field, and made changes in their own lives. In 2012 she was joined by Ron Vereggen and Andrew Freund after the founding partner left the company.

We are making something special here. The people we train learn a mindset that is very good at noticing strengths and value, that is very good at seeing both the big picture and the details and respecting both, that is very good at giving people the small shifts they need to develop their own strength, their own vision, and their own happiness.  We love what we do. We love the people who choose to be part of our community. And we are fiercely committed to getting better every time out.

And we can’t wait to turn the page and find out what comes next.

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