Toronto Entrepreneurs on Integrity at Work

Toronto- August 15, 2012 – On Saturday, September 29, the Integrity Works panel at the HOPE Symposium will discuss ways to understand and promote integrity in business. The first panel of speakers at the 4th Annual HOPE Symposium feature coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and marketing leaders. They’ll be applying the NLP concepts of congruence and state management to demonstrate how integrity works in business. The panel will be hosted by Ron Vereggen, an NLP trainer who is also a respected project manager. Ron’s is committed to setting up conditions that support individual integrity in ways that also support the integrity of projects and businesses. 

The Symposium is looking forward to the return of popular speakers from last year’s event. Kerry Owen, managing partner at vivid connections, will speak about integrity in brands. She’s an entertaining speaker who inspires with her love of brands that walk their talk and make a difference. Owen will demonstrate that successful brands are the ones who shape strong stories that support consumers in their drive to shape their own stories of integrity. Owen walks the talk in her own business, shaping her own story by leading her clients to success while enjoying her life with her husband and kids. Maintaining her own integrity is a big part of leading clients to develop brands with integrity.

Debra Gould of The Staging Diva and James Perly of the Perly Consulting Group are also returning speakers. Gould combines an engaging presence with wide, deep knowledge of how to support entrepreneurs in making their businesses work. Perly is a big-picture thinker with a sense of humour and a passion for developing excellence in work and life. Whether or not you run a business (or work in one), you will find that both Gould and Perly offer interesting ideas about how to turn dreams into actions.

New to HOPE this year is Erika Bailey of Erika Lee Bailey and Associates. Erika will be presenting on Positive Deviance, a new concept in moving cultures and communities through change with a focus on listening, existing strengths and measurable results.

Other confirmed speakers on this panel will include members of the NLP Canada Training advisory board. Michel Neray is a well-known motivational speaker whose Essential Message has helped hundreds of business people to identify and celebrate the thing that makes them different and makes them great.  Mike Verhey is a consultant who has helped some of Canada’s largest companies identify insights that they can apply in tangible behavioral change for bottom-line results. 

The Symposium will also include panels of speakers on Mind/Body Integration and Models of Integrity. All speakers will be NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners trained by NLP Canada Training. The day will wrap up with a closing keynote by Michael Murray of MAD Security. Michael is a terrific speaker whose work on the integrity of computer programs and systems depends on his understanding of how people think and make choices. 

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a set of practices designed to allow people to identify and replicate excellence in human thought and behaviour. People train in NLP so that they can help themselves or others overcome the blocks to successful work or life and improve their skills and results in areas where they are already strong. 

The HOPE Symposium is held once a year to feature the work of practitioners and master practitioners trained at NLP Canada Training. Tickets are only $60 including HST and all speakers and materials. Information on registration is available at or by calling 416-928-2394.


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