HOPE2012 Explores Integrity from Branding to Breathing

Toronto- July 30, 2012 – On Saturday, September 29 at Emmanuel College (at the Museum subway stop), NLP practitioners will explain and explore how to deepen your influence by building your integrity. The 4th Annual HOPE Symposium offers a unique opportunity to meet people trained in NLP and learn how it fits into their lives and work. About twenty speakers trained at NLP Canada Training will address the issues of integrity in business, mind-body integration, and models of integrity. Full details are available through the conference website at www.hopesymposium.com.

The HOPE Symposium features the work, the passion and the skills of the community of practice at NLP Canada Training. Speakers from a variety of backgrounds inspire, educate and share the principles and practices of NLP as they are using them. It’s the only symposium in Canada that answers the question: What do people do with NLP? What people who have trained at NLP Canada Training do is to explore, replicate and inspire the choices that lead to a life well-lived. 

NLP is an unregulated field that has attracted the best and the worst of people who want more influence over themselves and others. The practitioners who train with NLP Canada Training share a desire for ethical, effective influence that leads to tangible results. The HOPE Symposium is the only NLP conference that showcases the way NLP is applied in the lives and work of people who are not only NLP experts–they are business people, therapists, teachers and leaders in a variety of roles and fields.

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a set of practices designed to allow people to identify and replicate excellence in human thought and behaviour. People practice NLP so that they can help themselves or others overcome the blocks to successful work or life and improve their skills and results in areas where they are already strong. They become better at transferring success from one area of their lives to another. They also learn to connect better with others so that they can both learn and lead more effectively.

The HOPE Symposium is held once a year to feature the work of practitioners and master practitioners trained at NLP Canada Training. Tickets for the day are only $60 including HST and include all speakers and materials. Information on registration is available at www.hopesymposium.com or by calling 416-928-2394.


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