Different Models for Understanding Mind/Body Connection

Toronto- August 15, 2012 – On Saturday, September 29, 2012 the Mind/Body panel at the HOPE Symposium will introduce the audience to different models of mind/body integration for wellness and work. Want to know why feeling better physically is key to your inner game? What to know what to do to pull yourself back together when your body and your mind seem to be working in different directions? Speakers on this panel have a variety of perspectives on the issue at the heart of integrity: what does it take to pull mind and body into alignment to support a life well-lived.

Kathleen Milligan, a member of the NLP Canada Training Advisory Board, is returning to HOPE to share more of her unique practice in mind/body work. Kathleen has helped clients from preschool through retirement resolve a variety of challenges so that they can feel and do better. She understands the way energy works through the mind/body system to open up opportunities and provide the resources that support better choices and effective behaviours.  

Susan Hobson is a coach who inspires her clients to get moving, focus on goals and sustain practice so that they get the results they want. As a speaker, puts her drive, energy and humour to work to help audiences imagine what they want in such compelling detail they will take the actions necessary to make it real. Her clients range from executives to NLP players: they all want to find the optimal balance of mind and body to support elite performance.

Johar Singh teaches people to root their influence in their breath, body and balance. Johar is a yoga educator with a passion for developing excellence with compassion. Not only does Johar offer classes through a yoga studio in Oakville, he also brings yoga to people where they live and work. It’s a great way to make the point that breathing well is not something you should save for special occasions. As more and more studies suggest, mindful breathing is more than a meditation: it’s a way of life that increases engagement and effectiveness.

John Steuernol of MindMending through Energy Balancing challenges his clients to balance their energies so they can live healthier, more effective lives. Working with Eden Energy Medicine and Thought Field Therapy, Steuernol uses the body’s natural desire to be well to guide his clients towards the health that will support their goals for themselves and their relationships. In his presentation, John will present three simple and powerful techniques for reducing stress and clearing your energy.

Finally, Nick Babiuk of Trails Youth Initiatives will inspire the symposium audience with the way that Trails uses outdoor activities to build engagement and awareness in at-risk youth. Trails is an amazing program that builds long-term relationships with young people through outdoor education, leadership training and mentoring. Learn why camping in the rain or navigating a ropes course are so effective in building relationships, courage, and a resolve to live a more satisfying life.

The Symposium will also include panels of speakers on Integrity at Work and Models of Integrity. All speakers will be NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners trained by NLP Canada Training. The day will wrap up with a closing keynote by Michael Murray of MAD Security. Michael is a terrific speaker whose work on the integrity of computer programs and systems depends on his understanding of how people think and make choices. 

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a set of practices designed to allow people to identify and replicate excellence in human thought and behaviour. People practice NLP so that they can help themselves or others overcome the blocks to successful work or life and improve their skills and results in areas where they are already strong. 

The HOPE Symposium is held once a year to feature the work of practitioners and master practitioners trained at NLP Canada Training. Tickets are only $60 including HST and all speakers and materials. Information on registration is available at www.hopesymposium.com or by calling 416-928-2394.


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