Celebrate integrity as the heart of influence at HOPE 2012

Toronto- August 15, 2012 – On Saturday, September 29, 2012 the Models of Integrity panel at the HOPE Symposium will celebrate models of influence through integrity. Some will share conceptual models for maintaining integrity in a stressful and changing environment. Others will simply introduce you to people whose integrity and positive focus has made a significant positive impact in their fields and communities. Expect to be engaged by these speakers, to feel yourself drawn into their stories, and to walk away feeling energized and hopeful.

The panel includes speakers from a variety of backgrounds who will introduce you to different ways to develop and live your own integrity. John Dafos is a returning favourite, a dynamic speaker who is also a passionate teacher. Often working under difficult conditions with difficult kids, John succeeds in making kids believe that can do better and expect better from themselves and the world. 

Sheri Andrunyk will also be returning to the podium after an absence of several years. Sheri is at the heart of a remarkable network of women in business and the publisher at IC Communications where she helps authors take books from drafts to listings on Amazon and well-produced hard copy. Sheri’s first book, Hearts Linked by Courage, is a collection of real-life stories of people finding themselves and connecting with the world under difficult circumstances. Her forthcoming book is on working from home–an option that challenges many to dig deep and focus on what they most want to accomplish.

Other speakers on this panel will include Steve White, whose background ranges from social work to the Canadian wilderness and Earlyn Sharpe, a coach dedicated to helping parents raise children who will thrive in their communities. Earlyn combines a rich background in education as a teacher and administrator with a deep commitment to making a difference, once family at a time. She will be travelling from Montreal to bring us her humour, insight and stories of integrity.

The Symposium will also include panels of speakers on Integrity at Work and Mind/Body Integration. All speakers will be NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners trained by NLP Canada Training. The day will wrap up with a closing keynote by Michael Murray of MAD Security. Michael is a terrific speaker whose work on the integrity of computer programs and systems depends on his understanding of how people think and make choices. 

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a set of practices designed to allow people to identify and replicate excellence in human thought and behaviour. People practice NLP so that they can help themselves or others overcome the blocks to successful work or life and improve their skills and results in areas where they are already strong. 

The HOPE Symposium is held once a year to showcase the work of practitioners and master practitioners trained at NLP Canada Training. Tickets are only $60 including HST and all speakers and materials. Information on registration is available at www.hopesymposium.com or by calling 416-928-2394.


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