HOPE 2010

POSSIBILITY: The HOPE Symposium 2010 featured panels of speakers sharing their experience and vision for using NLP and related practices to encourage people to explore appropriate possibilities.  Each speaker made a presentation, then the panel will answer questions posed by the moderator.  We'll get to hear the best from each of our speakers and the best that they can generate in converation.

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On Saturday, October 16, 2010, NLP Canada Training will sponsor POSSIBILITY: the 2nd annual HOPE Symposium. This year’s HOPE runs for one extraordinary day and features more than 20 speakers.


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 The speakers come from widely different backgrounds: executive coaching, medicine, consulting, corporate training, teaching, alternative therapies, and other fields.  They have two things in common. One is that they are all NLP Practitioners trained at NLP 

Canada Training. The other is that they have a passion for creating positive new possibilities in their lives and work. 

“I think everyone should come to this event,” says Business Manager, Carole Luft. “I found last year’s symposium engrossing, inspiring, thoughtful and a wonderful way to spend the day. We are confident that this year will be even better.” 

Showcase of NLP at Work

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If you knew for sure that you had what you needed to solve your problem, you would look at the world differently. The speakers at POSSIBILITY are all very good at helping people recognize that they have good choices. They also understand the value of working hard to define success so that you take the best choices when they become available.  Whether they deal with personal issues or build businesses, they know how to open up choices so that POSSIBILITY is a good thing.

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POSSIBILITY: The HOPE Symposium explores how to create the choices we want 

Toronto – 1 October 2010 – On Saturday, October 16, 2010, NLP Canada Training will host the second HOPE Symposium. This year’s speakers will consider how NLP and related practices open up useful choices for people who are stuck or challenged.  A new format will allow for individual presentations, panel discussions and questions from the audience. It will be a great chance to think about how you offer choices to other people and how you find choices for yourself.

A Great Conversation

Some of our Speakers in 2010

Barbara Luedecke

Christine Laperriere

Geddie Pawlowski

Karen Petcoff

Sheri Andrunyk

Steve White

Susan Hobson

Willard Bond

Zoe Pepler

The Leadership Panel

Our leadership panel are passionate about developing leadership ability in themselves and others.  They are managers, coaches and consultants with wide, deep experience in helping people move in the right direction. With NLP in their toolkits, they tackle tough issues as leaders and as wise counsel for other leaders.  

The leadership panel was moderated by NLP Master Practitioner, Mike Verhey


Ann JaganPerformance Driven Leadership

Christine LaperriereThe Possibilities that Rest in a Leader

James PerlyCreating and Living in a World of Possibility

Ron Vereggen:  Leadership Rocks!

Sheri Andrunyk: Leadership and Possibility

The Wellness Panel

What does it mean to be well and how can we believe that everyone has what they need to be well, even when they are facing serious challenges to their health and well-being?  Our Wellness panel includes coaches and counsellors who work with a wide range of clients to help them discover their innate capacity to be well. 

The Wellness panel was moderated by NLP Master Practitioner, Bev Hagedorn.


Barbara LuedeckeUsing the Enneagram and NLP to Reduce Stress and Enhance Wellness

David Murphy:  Pain is not the Problem: NLP Solutions for Chronic Pain

Kathleen MilliganNothing is Possible

Susan HobsonWellness and Possibility

Zoe PeplerWhen the Body Talks

The Vision Panel

In every field, vision and a sense of possibility are inextricably linked.  This panel includes people who think about the big picture and look for ways to change their playing fields. We have entrepreneurs and thinkers from widely different fields who share the excitement of creating a vision that will work.  

The Vision panel was moderated by NLP Master Practitioner, John Dafos.


André KuokLoving Oneself

Chris KeelerSurprises

Geddie PawlowskiMaintaining Momentum

Karen PetcoffOn the Shoulders of Giants

Mike MandelHypnosis and Creativity

The Mastery Panel

At the end of the day, the moderators from the first three panels will be joined by Chris Keeler and Linda Ferguson and other master practitioners.  This panel will explore the possibilities for moving from good to better.  

The Mastery panel was moderated by NLP Master Practitioner, Ron Vereggen.


Bev HagedornWho Do You Think You Are?

Chris Keeler and Linda FergusonWhat Then? Three Conditions for Moving Beyond Mastery

John Dafos: Recognizing Gifts

Mike VerheyFraming Possibility Broadly

Steve WhiteOvercoming Roadblocks to Excellence

Story, Song & Trance

Our evening program was hosted by Linda Ferguson.  We celebrated the way that song and story open us to a sense that the world is full of possibility.  Our community of NLP Practitioners includes some wonderfully talented singers and storytellers, and we will end the evening with a relaxed and energizing experience of trance.


Chris Keeler

Linda Ferguson

Mike Mandel

Steve White

Willard Bond

Web Friendly Programme 2010

Slideshow from HOPE 2010 by Mark Gallagher, Laughter 'n Lives

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