Michel Neray

Michel Neray completed his practitioner and master practitioner certifications in NLP in the past year. He's also a member of the NLP Canada Training Advisory Board.

Michel Neray combines a science degree of University of Waterloo, an MBA from McGill University, over 25 years of experience as a creative marketing copywriter, and a career as a senior sales and marketing executive of a publicly traded company. He also has a lifetime of observation of human motivation and psychology and is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This unique blend of perspectives is at the core of his ability to help both his corporate and individual clients discover and communicate their greatest value and differentiation.

Michel is the founder of The Essential Message. The Essential Message is a marketing communications company with expertise in training and development — and proven results for individuals, teams and organizations. The work they do has as much of a positive impact on employee engagement, motivation, resilience and leadership development as it massively improves marketing effectiveness and sales results.

NLP Canada Training Inc., Toronto, ON, 416-928-2394, www.nlpcanada.com