Linda Ferguson


After more than five years and two aborted efforts, Linda has a book to share. Before she reads from SHIFTWORK, she'll talk about the journey from her early encounters with NLP to a unique perspective on what was really happening in the NLP training room. It's been a long and winding road as Linda worked to distill the power in NLP and separate it from the jargon, fuzzy thinking and bad applications that have plagued its development. With the examples and the support of members of the NLPCT community, we finally have a book that demonstrates how the practice of NLP helps someone recognize the person they see in the mirror and like what they recognize. The heart of influence is integrity and the only force strong enough to build integrity is. . .  you'll have to listen to Linda speak to find out how the sentence (and the story) ends.

Linda Ferguson is blessed by a fine ear for stories. She loves to listen as people tell the stories of their lives and work, and she loves to tell stories that open up new possibilities for her and for the people who listen. Linda began coaching and teaching while she was still a young teenager; her career has included a doctorate in literature, post-secondary teaching, business writing, and storytelling.  She is is an extraordinary storyteller with a gift for building metaphors that support individual and group transformations. 

Linda has a reputation for asking her coaching clients great questions and for uncovering leverage points for change in individuals and groups.  Linda has worked with groups and individuals in corporations to improve communication, manage transition, and build appreciation for the diverse strengths that a group brings to the table. She is fiercely observant, analytical and committed to getting tangible results through NLP practices.

A graduate of Trent University, the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, Linda has taught at post-secondary institutions, written for business and trade publications, and developed customized learning experiences for people of all ages. Linda is Senior Partner at NLP Canada Training. She works with a team of terrific master practitioners to develop and deliver courses in NLP so that people can learn to pay more attention to what they value. Her clients include entrepreneurs, managers, communication professionals, teachers, coaches, psychotherapists and artists. Her banana bread is legendary.

NLP Canada Training Inc., Toronto, ON, 416-928-2394,