Kathleen Milligan


How can a change work professional do deep work with clients who disbelieve? Kathleen Milligan believes the answer begins with setting up conditions that demonstrate your integrity and support your client's sense of their own integrity.  The more the superficial, physical conditions of the meeting support a connection between you and your client, the more your clients will experience themselves as whole and able to change. Learn how Kathleen sets up integrity (wholeness, clarity and consistent values) in her business so that her clients can develop and support their own integrity.

Kathleen Milligan is a practitioner based in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada. She was deeply inspired and trained with Eastburn Hypnosis in Denver in 2001. That education was her introduction to quality work in hypnosis and served as an excellent launchpad; she has since gone on to certify additionally as an EFT and Masters NLP practitioner. She established her independent practice, Action Hypnosis, in 2007.

Kathleen serves a wide range of clients in South Eastern Ontario who want to create positive hopeful changes in their lives. She has worked extensively with women around issues of fertility, childbirth, body image, and health. She launch a ground-breaking fertility program which helps women understand and resolve the complex issues that surround fertility, body image, and self-esteem.

Kathleen’s mission, is to help people imagine the life they deserve and to guide them to live it. Her work is deeply satisfying, both personally and professionally; the changes she sees in her clients’ lives fill her with joy. Visit Kathleen on the web at www.actionhypnosis.ca.

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