John Steuernol

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John's presentation at HOPE 2012 will be "The Body Doesn't Lie,"  themed after the great work of Dr. John Diamond the father of behavioural kinesiology, the grandparent of what we now know as Energy Psychology.

He will demonstrate how the body will guide a properly trained person so they will use the optimal modality for whatever issue of change the client is seeking to achieve. The body already knows what it is prepared to deal with and whether the skills of the person are up to the task at hand. Three volunteers will have a chance to participate.

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John's Bio

My background is what you might call unique and includes time spent as a soldier, a miner, an ordained minister, a sales professional, a master hypnotist and now a coach. That covers a lot of behavioral ground, and gives me a great perspective on human nature. I’ve seen people at their very best, and absolute worst.

A few years ago, I called myself a “sales coach”, but now often find myself using the term “mind coach”. I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. As a matter of fact I do not have a degree in anything. I do however have a tremendous curiosity in a lot of things and have been working on what I like to call my Personal PHD. In addition to working to understand all there is to understand about professional sales (a 35 year journey), I have also studied theology, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, behavior analysis, communication, psychoneuroimmunology, energy psychology, quantum physics, consciousness theory, and now clinical kinesiology.

My curiosity has been, and continues to be one of my greatest allies and has afforded me a wonderful education. It has lead me to understand, that even though each of those subjects is a stand alone study unto itself, these themes are all connected, because in fact everything is connected.

Previous to running my own company I was Vice President and National Sales Consultant for RBC Dominion Securities where I had the pleasure of coaching over 15,000 individuals and helping them achieve higher levels of performance. I am also a Certified TAIS Consultant and have done thousands of reviews with those I work with. Today in my private practice I work with athletes, musicians, sales professionals and individuals in the finance and investment arena.

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