John Dafos


John will make accessible the creative strategies employed by Homer's "man of twists and turns," with the purpose of revealing how anyone can see their work or personal challenges with fresh eyes. Drawing on Greek mythology, English literature, current research on creativity, and his own son Georgios Odysseus, John promises an engaging and entertaining talk.

John Dafos is a middle school teacher for the Toronto DSB, owner and Head Learning Coach of Gifted Learning, and a Master Practitioner in NLP. He is currently working on his Trainer's Training Certificate at NLP Canada Training.

John gives his students and clients the space they need to generate their own creative solutions to their challenges, while supporting a relationship of mutual trust and spontaneity. Whether finding a better way to solve a math problem or breaking through a limiting belief, John combines patience and a relentless faith in the capabilities of those he works with to get lasting results.

When not spending time with his wife and new born son, John writes literary fiction that draws on  his Greek heritage and his Canadian upbringing. Some recurring themes in his work are: the impact of guilt on one's identity, the power of memory, and the role family. He currently writes short micro-fiction and poetry on his Twitter site. 

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