Erika Bailey


Erika says, "I call my work Change Artistry because Change Management implies it can be managed…that we can hold it still and work with it.  It is an art to engage and participate in change and that's what I do with my clients. "  Erika works as a site coach for the Canadian Positive Deviance Project and a new Front-Line-Ownership project in 15 US hospitals.

In the course of getting outstanding results in measurable, behavioural change, Erika  works with colleagues as 'guardians of a process' who "keep people on paths that encourage positive change and deviations that solve many pieces of a complex problem."  You'll learn how they used unusual dialogic processes to overcome hostility, get people talking who would NEVER talk to one another, and encourage some surprising results.

Erika Lee Bailey is a gifted facilitator and Human Systems Consultant.  She has over a decade of experience working with groups as a trainer, instructional designer, facilitator, and consultant. Erika has designed and delivered programs, interventions and large-scale problem solving in complex and adaptive organizations across multiple sectors. Her expertise includes front-line change and innovation processes, experiential learning, and developmental innovation. Erika is a faculty member and coach in the Safe Healthcare Now! STOP Infections Now Collaborative, and has coached other hospitals in highly successful infection control change initiatives.

Erika has been a professional musician for two decades.  She was a member of the Juno-nominated musica intima, a founding member of Trio Bella with the Swingshift Big Band, and is currently a member and featured soloist in the Oakville Ensemble.

Erika uses an emergent, artistic approach to even the most mundane of group tasks. Years of tuning up have taught her to tune in, listen deeply, and appreciate diverse ideas. Erika employs her solid academic background (including a Masters of Human Systems Intervention), years of field experience, and artistic roots to think and act creatively with people and challenges. She uses seriously fun techniques to maximize the sustainability of positive behavioural change for her clients. Check out CBC’s The National Report “Germ War” showcasing the Infection Control Project Study where Erika was a site coach for Trillium Health Centre.

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