Earlyn Sharpe


Earlyn Sharpe celebrates twenty years as the owner of Unique Sharp Inc, which is the umbrella company for Earlyn Sharpe Coaching Practice and Shiloh Transcripts Publication.

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, June 29, 2010, Earlyn K. Sharpe, MA, President, Owner of Unique Sharp Inc, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in coaching and mentorship.

With twenty years of experience as the owner of Unique Sharp Inc, Earlyn K. Sharpe is responsible for the day to day operation of her company. She has established a very diverse corporation, through her experience in education, public relations, and management. She attributes her success to her never-give-up attitude and her ability to remain focused especially when faced with adversity. Ms. Sharpe elaborates that these qualities are amplified in her writing and coaching practice.

Ms. Sharpe received her Master of Art in Educational Leadership with minor in Psychology from McGill University. She is a Certified Family Coach and NLP Practitioner with NLP Canada Training. Her greatest accomplishment is being a mom to her two boys and a life partner to her spouse. Life experience has taught her to cherish every moment that life has to offer, never waiting for tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us…

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