What makes HOPE worth your Saturday?

When you arrive at the HOPE Symposium on November 30, what will you be hoping? We’ve asked that on the registration form this year.  What will be different at the end of the day that will make the day worthwhile?

In the morning, you’ll be engaged by the training team from NLP Canada Training as we describe and demonstrate how better learning equals more satisfied living. Whether you’re looking for something to stimulate and engage you or for ways to engage and motivate other people, you’ll enjoy this straight-forward, interactive presentation on a model of learning and engagement that makes a noticeable difference in people’s lives. 

In the afternoon, smaller breakout sessions will give you an opportunity to engage directly with your own reasons for wanting to know more about NLP and about NLP Canada Training. We let our graduates represent our strengths, our passion and our focus on making a difference in the way people understand their lives and learning. 

You’ll walk away feeling different: more awake, more engaged, and more alert to the differences you’d like to see in your own life. You’ll walk away with ideas and techniques you can test in your own life. You’ll walk away with the spark you feel when something good is just getting started.

NLP Canada Training Inc., Toronto, ON, 416-928-2394, www.nlpcanada.com