Imagine a day that makes a difference

It’s time to register for HOPE 2014. You’ll get the best price when you register early and you’ll clear your calendar for a day that will make a difference. The price goes up on November 1, and again at the door.

We will be adding to the website every week this month. You’ll find out more about the people who are presenting, the topics we will be discussing and the workshop that will change the way you motivate yourself and others. We will even introduce a way of taking notes that connects what you hear to what you want to what you will do to make it happen.

IMG 0507

Willard Bond at HOPE 2013

This will be a day that makes a difference. You will notice different things, make different choices, and build relationships differently in December because you came to HOPE on November 29. It’s not scary: it’s natural for stretch and strength to develop when you exercise your mental muscles appropriately.

So begin to enjoy the benefits immediately. As you browse the site, imagine the people you will meet, the presentations that will engage you, and the conversations that will connect energy and smart motivation to the goals you want. We post the details because the good stuff starts happening as soon as you start imagining it.

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