Everyone Could Use a Little More HOPE

What’s the story on this NLP conference? It’s called HOPE because someone convinced me a long time ago that I was good at helping people find their hope. It’s not enough to make change happen, but without hope, nothing good gets planted.

 Meeting people at a conference is often like meeting them in the lounge at the airport where they have just announced that your plane has been delayed. Meeting them at HOPE is more like climbing onto the bus with them on your way to summer camp.

HOPE is going to be different because we are doing something different than most conferences. We are stepping into the middle of a long, rambling conversation about how people decide what they want and take action to make it happen. Along the way, we help people overcome pain and solve problems but we do that because we want everyone we influence to become more curious, more energized, and more focused on making what they want real.

When you come to HOPE, you’ll meet people who value the way connecting with us makes it easier for them to find and share hope when they need some. We are experts in lots of different fields and we will be sharing some of that expertise in our talks and sessions. But what we are most excited about is sharing our curiosity. We want you to walk away puzzling over something you heard that you sense will make a difference for you. We want you to be enchanted, just a little.

And we really want you to share you stories with us, before, during and after November 30. Stories are the patterns of change that nourish our minds. They make us ready for more hope.

NLP Canada Training Inc., Toronto, ON, 416-928-2394, www.nlpcanada.com