Do You Love Your Work?

The business word is engagement. We attempt to measure how engaged people are in their work and theorize that engaged employees are more productive, more innovative and more resilient. It’s hard to prove, because levels of engagement can shift even while they are being studied.

There’s no doubt from the point of view of the person doing the work. Loving your work is much better than not loving it. It’s not easier. Frequently people who love what they do work harder and longer. They fight through frustration and obstacles so that they can get to the good part. They are loyal, sometimes to their organizations, but always to their vision of what it means to do the work they love.

Do you get a choice about loving your work?  The short answer is yes. Just as loving your life partner or your children takes an intentional, sustained effort and some good decisions, loving your work takes awareness and effort and a willingness to change or grow to sustain the relationship.

NLP has not always been framed as a way to learn to love your work. Often we talk as if self-development is separate from work, as personal and impractical as fluffy slippers. That’s not a good model and it has not worked very well. Taking the person out of the professional does not make for more effective work and it does not make for better personal lives.

The work we do at NLP Canada Training equips people to do the work so that they can love their work. On November 30, our speakers are people who are committed to doing work they can love. They use their skills in communication, choice management and relationship building to create the conditions that allow them to do good work and to love the work they do.

If you love your work, come hang out with people who get it and learn a few new ways to do what you need to do to keep loving your work. If you don’t love your work or don’t have work to love, come and be motivated to make stuff happen so that you find the work you deserve and the skills to love it.

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