Connect with People Living Their Purpose

What changes when you spend time with people who are living their purpose? 

A combination of neuroscience and NLP lets us make a good guess. Although we often think that we are not paying attention to other people, the truth is that there are always parts of our brains firing in response to our perceptions of the people around us. This is why moods are contagious: some part of us is not only aware of other people, it is experiencing a version of what they experience.

HOPE is a great opportunity to test this for yourself. Yes, you’ll hear interesting ideas and explanations. You’ll experience exercises and demonstrations that allow you to understand how change can be influenced and directed. More than this, you’ll become aware of people who are living their purpose. These are people who are bright, engaging and congruent. All the speakers are people who are actively seeking to know themselves better and to behave in ways that align with their best selves. Come and find out how contagious they are when they come together to celebrate the difference that has made a difference to them.

You’re not limited to what you can pick up unconsciously. HOPE 2013 has been designed to allow every participant opportunities to connect formally and informally with the speakers who catch their attention. You’ll have the opportunity to engage them in conversation and learn from their expertise. We welcome questions.

Click the link at the top left of this page to register, or call Carole at 416-928-2394 and let her welcome you to the conference that connects you to people who are well-connected, people who have pulled themselves together so that they can give their best to living their purpose.

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