Hope interrupts the flow & awakens desire

Release your mind into a story

Sharpen Your Axe

Mental toughness depends on desire

Five minutes to build desire

And when you know what you want, click here to register for HOPE 2014.  Early bird pricing ends November 1!

A new audio series to build HOPE

Linda is launching a series of short (5 minute) audio recordings that will allow you to build focus, optimism and opportunity.

The first in the series is called From Idea to Opportunity. Invest 5 minutes in a break that will generate results.

Imagine a day that makes a difference

It’s time to register for HOPE 2014. You’ll get the best price when you register early and you’ll clear your calendar for a day that will make a difference. The price goes up on November 1, and again at the door.

We will be adding to the website every week this month. You’ll find out more about the people who are presenting, the topics we will be discussing and the workshop that will change the way you motivate yourself and others. We will even introduce a way of taking notes that connects what you hear to what you want to what you will do to make it happen.

IMG 0507

Willard Bond at HOPE 2013

This will be a day that makes a difference. You will notice different things, make different choices, and build relationships differently in December because you came to HOPE on November 29. It’s not scary: it’s natural for stretch and strength to develop when you exercise your mental muscles appropriately.

So begin to enjoy the benefits immediately. As you browse the site, imagine the people you will meet, the presentations that will engage you, and the conversations that will connect energy and smart motivation to the goals you want. We post the details because the good stuff starts happening as soon as you start imagining it.

Room for great conversations

St. Michael’s College was the home of the 2nd HOPE Symposium, back in 2010.  This year, we’re back at the Charbonnel Lounge for the morning session of HOPE. As you can see, the building this year has a street address that will make it easier to find and more easily accessible for anyone with mobility issues. It’s also just a 3 minute walk from the parking lot behind our building (enter off St. Joseph Street).

Our room this year will be bright and warm and support the kind of interaction that makes HOPE a special event. Have you ever gone to an event because you wanted to connect with interesting people and good conversations? Often, I’ve found myself sitting in a ‘networking opportunity’ while everyone around me talked only to people they already knew. That’s not going to happen at HOPE this year. You’ll have at least one conversation that you remember, connect with new people and with NLP friends you haven’t seen for awhile, and you’ll find that the presenters are not just interesting - they are also interested in you!


Do You Love Your Work?

The business word is engagement. We attempt to measure how engaged people are in their work and theorize that engaged employees are more productive, more innovative and more resilient. It’s hard to prove, because levels of engagement can shift even while they are being studied.

There’s no doubt from the point of view of the person doing the work. Loving your work is much better than not loving it. It’s not easier. Frequently people who love what they do work harder and longer. They fight through frustration and obstacles so that they can get to the good part. They are loyal, sometimes to their organizations, but always to their vision of what it means to do the work they love.

Do you get a choice about loving your work?  The short answer is yes. Just as loving your life partner or your children takes an intentional, sustained effort and some good decisions, loving your work takes awareness and effort and a willingness to change or grow to sustain the relationship.

NLP has not always been framed as a way to learn to love your work. Often we talk as if self-development is separate from work, as personal and impractical as fluffy slippers. That’s not a good model and it has not worked very well. Taking the person out of the professional does not make for more effective work and it does not make for better personal lives.

The work we do at NLP Canada Training equips people to do the work so that they can love their work. On November 30, our speakers are people who are committed to doing work they can love. They use their skills in communication, choice management and relationship building to create the conditions that allow them to do good work and to love the work they do.

If you love your work, come hang out with people who get it and learn a few new ways to do what you need to do to keep loving your work. If you don’t love your work or don’t have work to love, come and be motivated to make stuff happen so that you find the work you deserve and the skills to love it.

Connect with People Living Their Purpose

What changes when you spend time with people who are living their purpose? 

A combination of neuroscience and NLP lets us make a good guess. Although we often think that we are not paying attention to other people, the truth is that there are always parts of our brains firing in response to our perceptions of the people around us. This is why moods are contagious: some part of us is not only aware of other people, it is experiencing a version of what they experience.

HOPE is a great opportunity to test this for yourself. Yes, you’ll hear interesting ideas and explanations. You’ll experience exercises and demonstrations that allow you to understand how change can be influenced and directed. More than this, you’ll become aware of people who are living their purpose. These are people who are bright, engaging and congruent. All the speakers are people who are actively seeking to know themselves better and to behave in ways that align with their best selves. Come and find out how contagious they are when they come together to celebrate the difference that has made a difference to them.

You’re not limited to what you can pick up unconsciously. HOPE 2013 has been designed to allow every participant opportunities to connect formally and informally with the speakers who catch their attention. You’ll have the opportunity to engage them in conversation and learn from their expertise. We welcome questions.

Click the link at the top left of this page to register, or call Carole at 416-928-2394 and let her welcome you to the conference that connects you to people who are well-connected, people who have pulled themselves together so that they can give their best to living their purpose.

NLP Canada Training Inc., Toronto, ON, 416-928-2394, www.nlpcanada.com